Why you shouldn’t use a free logo maker to create your company logo

You’re starting a business and you’ve been eyeing up a free logo maker. I get it, money is tight when you’re starting out, and every saving counts towards your bottom line. However, trusting a free logo maker could actually cost you more money further down the line – here’s why…

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By Kirsty Nelms

What is a free logo maker?

There are a number of online tools which you can use to create a free logo, for example, Canva features a free logo maker, and offers its users a number of templates to create their logos. To clarify, by ‘users’ I’m referring to its estimated 30 million monthly active users across 190 countries – all using the same templates.

Canva is actually a great tool for businesses who have no budget to work with a professional graphic designer. If you understand some basic principles of graphic design, you can use Canva very effectively to create some eye-catching content.

Why it's not a good idea to use Canva’s free logo maker for your business

Your logo will not be unique to your business

The whole point in creating a brand which accurately represents what your business does and what it stands for is to set yourself apart from the competition. How can you do that when you’re using a logo template which has potentially been used by millions of other businesses? Sure, the business name and the colour palette might be different, but apart from that, you’re looking at an end product which is pretty…meh. That’s just one of the traps people fall into by using a free logo maker.

When you read the small print behind Canva’s free media policy, you’ll see under ‘prohibited uses’, it states that you cannot: “use any of the Stock Media as part of a trade-mark, design-mark, trade-name, business name, service mark, or logo.” This means that any free stock images which you can use within Canva cannot be used as part of the above. Also, due to the fact that the free logo maker uses templates, these logos cannot be trademarked, since a trademark must be unique.

With a free logo maker, you won’t be able to use your logo for everything you want

Canva is fine for creating social media content, but when it comes to the wider variety of graphic design projects, you have to remember that it is not professional graphic design software. For example, you can’t export your logo as a vector file. Now you’re probably thinking ‘what the hell is a vector and why should I care?’ Well, a vector is a type of file which can be resized without pixilation. Without a vector, you’re going to have issues scaling up your logo for print on larger items, such as vehicle wraps or billboards. 

NOTE: This is actually a common problem which catches a lot of people out when it comes to free logo makers, because they usually just end up with a JPG or a PNG, which cannot be scaled up. If you only get a JPG, it means your logo will not have a transparent background, so it can’t be placed on anything which is not white.

What are the alternatives to a free logo maker?

When it comes to creating your brand, it’s really worth taking the time and investment to get it right the first time, saving you cash in the long run. With a professional logo and brand guidelines, you can be sure your business really stands out (plus, by gaining a professional aesthetic you can let people know you care about quality and you can start to charge more!).

You can either work with a freelance graphic designer or use a marketing agency to create your logo. Some graphic designers who are just starting out and are trying to build a portfolio are more likely to charge around £20 per hour, whereas more advanced designers can charge between £45 – 60 per hour. 

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